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About Readersklub

Q. What is Readersklub

Readersklub is an online book rental library in Siliguri. You don't have to go to a library or a bookstore to get the hard copy of the book you want to read. Just become a member of Readersklub, select the books you want to read from our online catalogue and we deliver the book at your doorstep. Our mission is to cultivate the habit of reading, by making it affordable, hassle free and an enjoyable experience.

Q. How many titles do you have in your catalogue?

We have thousands of titles with us which are very meticulously chosen to make the collection rich and extensive. Titles are added to our catalogue on a regular basis as we work closely with distributors and publishers to update our collection.

Q. Are these e-Books?

No, these are not e-Books. We stock hard copies with us. Just like what you see in bookstores and libraries.

Q. Why should I become a member of Readersklub?

Being a readersklub member you can benefit in the given ways:

  1. You have access to a range of titles rarely seen at your local library. Choose from our wide selection of books - everything from New Releases, Classics, Best Authors, and Best Sellers in various categories & Languages. And, all our books are original releases, so you don't have to deal with shaky prints!
  2. We deliver to your doorstep, and collect the books when you're finished, at absolutely no charge.
  3. There are no late fees. That's right! You can actually keep the book for as long as your account is active.
  4. Our rental plans offer enough flexibility to suit your particular reading needs. The average cost per book read gets as low as Rs 24.91/-
  5. Being a member with readersklub means so much more than just original prints of great books.

Q. What are the work timings?

Readersklub office timings are from 11 am to 7 pm. We do not work on Sundays and National Holidays. Any other holidays would be informed to our customer via email. Our portal is available for your access 24x7.

Basic Information About The Website & Service

Q. How do I use the service provided by Readersklub?

Just follow these steps: Register with Readersklub to create your account by clicking on "Signup". After filling up the form Browse our catalogue and add the books that you want to read to your Wishlist. You would get a verification call from us before the first delivery is done. After you are done with your first set of books, request for return from "Return Request" section. The next delivery/pickup will be done within 1-2 working days.

Q. What are the different membership plans available?

There are a number of plans based on the number of books that a person would like to read in a month and also the duration for which the customer would like to subscribe. For details please refer the "Subscription Plans" page on the website.

Q. How do I make the payment?

The payment can be made by any one of the following methods: Cash / Gift Voucher. Our representative would come to you to collect the payment.

Q. What is My Wishlist?

My Wishlist represents the list of books that you want to read. The order in which you would like to read the books can be set by giving priority numbers to the books in the “Priority” section

Q. How do I manage My Wishlist?

You can manage your Wishlist by changing the priority of the books available in your Wishlist. You can also remove a book from your Wishlist. To add a book to your Wishlist, browse/search a book and click on "Add to Wishlist" button. To remove a book, click on the delete icon on the same row as the book on the Wishlist.

Q. What is My Account?

My Account is the section from where you can view and manage details regarding your account. You can edit your profile, change password, see billing details, renew and change your subscription plan.

Q. What is the minimum number of books I need to maintain in My Wishlist?

In order to have a high probability of a delivery, we need you to maintain at least 5 books in the Wishlist, at any point of time.

Q. How do I get books delivered after opening my account?

After your have created your account, kindly add atleast 5 books in your booklist. The top available books from your Wishlist would be issued to you and would be shown in "Rental History" section.

Q. What if the books are not delivered within 1-2 working days?

Please give us a call at +919734561889/ +919836694449 and we will take the case on a priority basis.

Q. After I finish reading, how do I get my next set of books?

After you have finished reading, please press "Return Request" if you want the next book to be delivered. We would pickup the books that you have with you and deliver the next set of books from your Wishlist.

Q. Can I upgrade/downgrade my membership?

You can upgrade your Subscription in between, but you cannot downgrade a plan while it is running. Downgrade is only possible after expiry of the current Subscription plan.

Q. How long can I keep the books with me?

As long as you are making your monthly rental payments, you can keep the books with you.

Q. What if I damage/lose the book?

If you lose/damage the book, you need to pay the MRP of the book to us, to continue the service.

Q. Can I cancel my membership during my membership period?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at anytime during your membership period. This can be done by dropping an email to hello@readersklub.in. Our customer care executive will call you to confirm your request and also note the reason for closure. You will have to return any books that you have with you within 5 working days failing which an amount equal to the MRP of the books would be deducted from your security deposit. Any amount left after deducting the dues from your security deposit would be given to you via cash. There would however be no refund of the membership fees or the registration fees.

Q. How do I surrender/close my membership?

In order to surrender/close your membership, you will have to send us a surrender request via email at hello@readersklub.in stating the reason of closure. This request should be made before the expiry date of your current subscription. You will also have to return any books pending with you. Once we receive the request, our customer care executive will call you for confirmation and check if the books with you have been returned.

Q. How do I get back my security deposit?

Security deposit would be refunded to you after the closure of your account. The amount would reach to you within 5 days of closure of membership after deducting the following: 1) If books returned are torn/damaged, the MRP amount of the books would be deducted from the security deposit amount. 2) If books are not returned before expiry of current membership and a new automated bill is generated, then the bill amount would be deducted from the security deposit.

Billing & Payment Related Information

Q. How do I renew my Account?

You can renew your account by going to My Account> Renew/change membership> Renew Account. You can renew your account only if you are within the expiry date of your membership.

Q. How do I change my membership?

You can change your subscription by going to My Account> Renew/Change Membership> Change Membership. Select the membership that you would like to take and make the payment through any one of the payment options available.

Q. How are the two options "renew account" and "change membership" different?

Renew Account works only if you are within the expiry date of your current membership plan and would like to renew it. The renewal would get effective from the next billing cycle date. For eg. If you have chosen a Monthly plan for which the billing cycle is from 10th January to 9th February, and you renew your account on say 2nd February, then your membership would be renewed for the same plan from 10th February to 9th March. A Change Membership option can be availed whenever you want. The changed membership would be effective from the start of the next month as per your billing cycle. E.g. let's say you have taken a half yearly plan on 5th March. The duration of the plan would therefore be from 5th March to 4th September and the billing cycle will be from 5th of one month to 4th of the next month. Now if you choose the option of change membership on 10April, then the new membership plan that you have chosen would get effective from the next month as per you current membership billing cycle i.e. 4th May as your billing cycle is 5th of one month – 4th of next month .

Q. Are there any charges for late payment of subscription fees?

We would also not issue any books to you until the payment is cleared.

Q. What should I do if want to restart my service after a gap of some days?

Prior intimation has to be made by the member via email at hello@readersklub.in stating the reason. You will then receive a confirmation mail where we would give you a maximum gap of 15 days to restart the service, post that you would receive a call from our customer care executive who would confirm the status of your membership and further actions would be taken.

Delivery related Information

Q. Do I need to pay for delivery and pickup of books?

No, Pickup and delivery is absolutely free.

Q. When would the books be delivered?

We aim to deliver the books within 1-2 working days from the moment you request a delivery. This might however get delayed, if there is any unfavourable situation like bandh, storm, heavy rain etc.

Q. What if I am not available at home when the delivery happens?

If you are not available at home and miss a delivery, then kindly call our customer care or email us at hello@readersklub.in to request for a re-delivery. Kindly note that free delivery/pickup would only be done twice. If you miss it again, then you would be charged Rs. 30 for the next delivery/pickup.

Q. How many books would be delivered in a single delivery?

The maximum number of books delivered is as per your plan.

Q. How many deliveries would be made in a month?

The maximum number of deliveries is as per your plan. However you cannot have more than one delivery in a single day.

Q. Do I need to return both the books at the same time or can I return one book and retain the other?

You have to return both the books in order to get the next set of books.

Q. What if the books sent to me are not in good condition?

If you find that the books sent to you are not in good condition, then we request you not to accept the delivery, and register the issue with us by calling us on +919734561889/ +919836694449 or by mailing us at hello@readersklub.in. We will address the issue as soon as possible, and meanwhile, we would send you the next set of books.

Q. Can I return the books to your office directly?

No, you have to go through any of the above listed methods.

Q. What do I do if I get a wrong book?

Please call us to register the issue. We would send you the books as per your Wishlist and take back the book wrongly delivered to you.

Q. Will I get the book which is on the top of my priority list in the Wishlist?

We try to give you the books as per your priority, but if the same is in circulation then you get the next available book.

Q. If I have registered as a member of a particular city, for example Siliguri, then can I get deliveries in any other place?

If you are registered as a member of Siliguri, then deliveries would be done only in Siliguri. You cannot get deliveries in any other city. You can however change your address within Siliguri whenever your want.

Special Features

Q. Can I buy books at Readersklub?

No, you cannot buy books from us.

Q. What is Gift a Membership?

Gift a Membership is a feature through which you can give your friend/relative a membership of Readersklub as a gift.

Q. How do I gift a membership?

Click on "Gift a Membership". Fill in your details and the details of the person whom you want to gift a membership. You have to make the payment for the subscription plan that you want to gift. You would be asked the date and mode of informing the person. Our representative will call you to verify and confirm the same.

Q. What is Refer a Friend?

"What is refer a friend" Refer a friend is a feature in which you can refer readersklub.in to your friends, by filling up a form. An e-mail would be sent to them, requesting them to join the service.

Q. What is Donate a Book?

Donate a Book is a facility by which you can donate books to us and earn points which can be redeemed against your next months membership fees.

Security related information

Q. What do I do if I forget my password?

To retrieve your password, click on "Login" and then click on “Forgot Password”. Now enter the email id registered with readersklub.in and press “Submit”. Your password would be sent to your registered email address.

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