Lahore: A Sentimental Journey

Author: Pran Neville

The book, sentimental Journey of Lahore reminds people of what Lahore was really like before the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the way Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims lived ensemble. He gives the reader a taste of what Lahore is really like. His book reminisces his childhood memories and gives an opportunity to the reader to see Lahore through the author’s eyes. Pran Nevile further explains how things became inevitable due to the conflict that was created by the British Empire. The book covers all aspects of Lahore from its rich culture, Mughal architecture, to warm welcoming people. His whole purpose was to remind people about the city of Lahore and revive the love he has in others' hearts. Nevile being a diplomat apprised in different countries the rich and exotic culture of Lahore.As the author says “I have travelled around the world but there is not a city like Lahore, the adage "Lahore Lahore hay" perfectly describes it ‘’ Pran Nevile.

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